Quadriplegic's life enlightens film he produced at Temple

published Wed, Apr 16 2014 23:15 GMT
The short film is grim: A young woman's life is hijacked when her husband suffers a neurological complication that completely incapacitates him, leaving her to ... more

CAPA principal allegedly concocts a history class and hands out grades anyway

published Wed, Apr 16 2014 22:44 GMT
District officials reassigned John J. Dunphy after they learned of the purported violation and then placed him on paid leave. He resigned Jan. 15 from ... more

Teachers at Mt. Airy charter school take strike vote

published Wed, Apr 16 2014 17:33 GMT
After 18 months of frustration over their inability to obtain a new contract, teachers at Khepera Charter School in Mt. Airy have unanimously voted to ... more

Innovation Center in Univ. City seeks start-ups

published Wed, Apr 16 2014 16:48 GMT
The Science Center and Drexel University said they have started accepting applications from tech start-ups and individuals for a new shared workspace, the Innovation Center ... more

Classes resume at high school rocked by stabbings

published Wed, Apr 16 2014 15:55 GMT
MURRYSVILLE, Pa. (AP) - Classes resumed Wednesday at a Pittsburgh-area high school where authorities said a student stabbed or slashed 21 others and a security ... more

SAT unveils "intense" changes in test questions

published Wed, Apr 16 2014 13:53 GMT
It might be fair to describe the major changes that are coming in 2016 to the nation's most-recognizable college-admissions test, the SAT, as "intense."