Britain Considers New Advice for Retirees: When to Expect to Die

published about 2 hours ago
“No point being all British and coy about it,” said the pensions minister, Steve Webb, who said an idea of life expectancy can aid financial ... more

Kenya’s Answer to Terrorism: Sweeping Roundups of Somalis

published about 3 hours ago
Thousands of undocumented refugees, immigrants and Kenyan citizens have been arrested, with a sprawling stadium in Nairobi turned into a police station to hold large ... more

Text of Joint Diplomatic Statement on Ukraine

published about 4 hours ago
The United States, European Union, Russia and Ukraine, meeting in Geneva, issued a joint statement agreeing to “de-escalate tensions” in Ukraine.

Arab-Israeli Activist Is Moved to House Arrest

published about 5 hours ago
The Israeli citizen, a Palestinian rights activist, was detained after a visit to Lebanon, on suspicion of an unauthorized visit to an enemy state.

Oil Slick in Indian Ocean Not From Missing Jet, Tests Find

published about 5 hours ago
The authorities looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet said an oil sample from the search area was not engine oil or hydraulic fluid from ... more

Nigeria: Fate of 115 Abducted Girls Unknown

published about 7 hours ago
The fate of 115 female students abducted by Islamic extremists was thrown into uncertainty Thursday when their school principal denied the Nigerian military's report that ... more