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Prescribing style and variation in antibiotic prescriptions for sore throat: cross-sectional study across six countries

published 2 days ago
Background: Variation in prescription of antibiotics in primary care can indicate poor clinical practice that contributes to the increase of resistant strains. General Practitioners (GPs), as a professional group, are expected to have a fairly homogeneous prescribing style. In this paper, we describe variation in prescribing style within and across groups of GPs from six countries. Methods: Cross-sectional study with the inclusion of 457 GPs and 6394 sore throat patients. We describe variation in prescribing antibiotics for sore throat patients ... more

More negative self-esteem and inferior coping strategies among patients diagnosed with IBS compared with patients without IBS - a case┬┐control study in primary care

published Wed, Jan 28 2015 06:00 GMT
Background: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic, relapsing gastrointestinal disorder, that affects approximately 10% of the general population and the majority are diagnosed in primary care. IBS has been reported to be associated with altered psychological and cognitive functioning such as mood disturbances, somatization, catastrophizing or altered visceral interoception by negative emotions and stress. The aim was to investigate the psychosocial constructs of self-esteem and sense of coherence among IBS patients compared to non-IBS patients in primary care. Methods: ... more

Fertility desires and unmet need for family planning among HIV infected individuals in two HIV clinics with differing models of family planning service delivery

published Wed, Jan 28 2015 06:00 GMT
Background: Eliminating family planning (FP) unmet need among HIV-infected individuals (PLHIV) is critical to elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission. We assessed FP unmet need among PLHIV attending two clinics with differing models of FP services. Nsambya Home Care provided only FP information while Mulago HIV clinic provided information and contraceptives onsite. Methods: In a cross-sectional study conducted between February-June 2011, we documented pregnancies, fertility desires, and contraceptive use among 797 HIV-infected men and women (408 in Mulago and 389 in ... more

Be SMART: examining the experience of implementing the NHS Health Check in UK primary care

published Thu, Jan 22 2015 06:00 GMT
Background: The NHS Health Check was designed by UK Department of Health to address increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease by identifying risk levels and facilitating behaviour change. It constituted biomedical testing, personalised advice and lifestyle support. The objective of the study was to explore Health Care Professionals? (HCPs) and patients? experiences of delivering and receiving the NHS Health Check in an inner-city region of England. Methods: Patients and HCPs in primary care were interviewed using semi-structured schedules. Data were analysed ... more

Trajectories of multimorbidity: exploring patterns of multimorbidity in patients with more than ten chronic health problems in life course

published Thu, Jan 22 2015 06:00 GMT
Background: Especially general practitioners are frequently confronted with complex health situations of patients, but knowledge of intensive forms of multimorbidity and their development during the life of patients is lacking.AimThis study explores the patterns and trajectories of chronic health problems of patients with multimorbidity particularly those with more than ten (11+) conditions and the type and variety of organ systems involved in these patterns during life.DesignObservational study.MethodLife time prevalence patterns of chronic health problems were determined in patients with illness ... more