White House fence jumper released from custody

College student who jumped over the fence while draped in an American flag on Thanksgiving day prompted a lock-down of the White House grounds

Feds: Campus threat motivated by black teen's shooting

Federal authorities say a 21-year-old man threatened to kill 16 people at the University of Chicago "which is the same number of time [Laquan] McDonald was killed"

Ex-political boss convicted in NY corruption trial

Sheldon Silver was found guilty Monday of taking in millions of dollars in exchange for favors

Russian girls thank police for dad's Hollywood rescue

Girls write NYPD, after detectives on business in L.A. subdued a man who was slashing their father on the Walk of Fame

"Rapping" Pope Francis photo goes viral

An image of Pope Francis holding a microphone during his trip to Africa has gone viral and inspired the hashtag #PopeBars