‘We must stop learning disabled people being dumped in waste bins of life’

published about 3 hours ago
As a new report paves the way for the closure of Winterbourne-View-style units, where 2,600 people with learning disabilities are being treated, their families are fighting to bring them homeEvery morning, 17-year-old Tianze Ni crosses off another day on his calendar at the Middlesborough hospital unit where he has lived for the last six months, 200 miles away from his family in Fife, Scotland.In Northampton, 19-year-old Stephen Andrade-Martinez has spent a year-and-a-half in a similar special unit, 80 miles from ... more

Hipgnosis's mind-bending album art – in pictures

published about 4 hours ago
They made dispersive prisms sexy with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, transformed Peter Gabriel into the Vitruvian Man – and Mick Jagger into a goat. Here’s how the design duo Hipgnosis turned the art of the album sleeve upside down for the biggest names in rock Hipgnosis Portraits by Aubrey Powell is published by Thames & Hudson Continue reading...

Why Angela Merkel is saying farewell to Ostpolitik

published about 4 hours ago
The German chancellor’s well-founded belief that Putin is a threat to Europe is shifting power relations in the regionOne thing we know for sure about Angela Merkel: she takes time to ponder her decisions and she weighs her words carefully. So the speech the German chancellor gave in Australia, a few days after Vladimir Putin stormed out of the G20, may go down as a major shift in European geopolitics.In a nutshell: Germany seems to be closing down Ostpolitik, the ... more

The Paedophile Next Door; Psychobitches – TV review

published about 4 hours ago
This disturbing and upsetting film gave an overview of the history of paedophilia – but the real subject was the remarkable EddieWhat a curious, uncomfortable film The Paedophile Next Door (Channel 4) was, though I suspect that was largely the point. Historian and documentary-maker Steve Humphries made a convincing case for treating paedophiles before they offend, a radical solution to what he thinks is a problem far larger and more widespread than we can comprehend – let alone contain. In ... more

Candy Warhol: why Smartie art is M&Mazing - in pictures

published about 4 hours ago
Decorating a cake and in need of inspiration? A new website enables you to turn any image into a mosaic of confectionary. You don’t need as many choco-pixels as you might think in order to create a convincing image. Continue reading...