Windsor Castle staff to hold ballot on industrial action

published about 3 hours ago
Pay dispute over additional duties might see the withdrawal of goodwill services such as tours of the castle for paying visitors The Queen is facing the prospect of the first ever industrial action by members of the royal household. More than 100 low-paid staff at Windsor Castle are due be balloted from Tuesday the Public and Commercial Services union said. Continue reading...

Frances O’Grady: 'Britain has been very good at creating bad jobs'

published about 4 hours ago
In May 2015 the UK faces a choice over the austerity agenda. Tamsin Rutter speaks to the TUC boss about what the election means for public sector workers“If you treat your staff like enemies, what does that say about you as an employer?”Frances O’Grady is very worried about the future of the public sector. Not only has austerity hollowed it out almost to breaking point, not only is doubt overshadowing the continuation of NHS and local government services – but ... more

Leaving all fossil fuels in the ground is 'for the fairies', says Chris Smith

published about 4 hours ago
Leave as much in the ground as possible but gas will continue to have to be burnt during a transition to cleaner fuels, says former UK Environment Agency chief Significant quantities of known coal and tar sands reserves will need to be kept in the ground to avoid the worst climate change impacts, the former chief of the UK Environment Agency has said. But he said that lower carbon fuels such as gas would need to be extracted and burned ... more

Seven signs that a general election has arrived

published about 4 hours ago
Are politicians doing and saying inexplicably stupid things all around you? Then chances are that Britain is going to the polls“How can it be that hard?” you think, first of all. “You’re wearing a transmission device. How can you not know that it might transmit something?” Directly after that: “How hard is it to avoid saying racist or misogynist or in some other way unacceptable things? Most of us manage to avoid saying those things by not thinking them in ... more

Nick Clegg: reform needed on public interest defence for journalists

published about 4 hours ago
Liberal Democrat leader says prosecutors are relying on outdated laws to decide whether reporters should go on trialA reform of the law is needed to ensure a proper public interest defence for journalists, Nick Clegg has said.The Liberal Democrat leader criticised the “opaque” nature of the current system and said prosecutors were relying on outdated laws in deciding whether journalists should go on trial. Continue reading...