Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of police officer

published about 5 hours ago
An officer in his 30s was stabbed in the head and shoulder after responding to a domestic incident in LondonA 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a police officer was stabbed in the head.Police were responding to a call about a violent man armed with a knife who had picked up a baby when the stabbing happened. The Metropolitan police have launched an investigation into the stabbing in Walworth, south-east London, shortly after 8pm on ... more

Technical hitches

published about 6 hours ago
What happens when new technology fails you?“No it’s not paper any more, you can do it all online.”Here we go again – the latest arrangement to be online-only seems to be the parking permissions around here; I don’t know what will be the next. A while ago there was a travel concession for the elderly that was only available online, it not having occurred, apparently, to the people who set it up that the aged might not be much good ... more

Vienna plans world's tallest wooden skyscraper

published about 7 hours ago
Architects hail environmental benefits of HoHo project – but the city’s fire brigade has concernsA wooden skyscraper that Austrian architects say will be the tallest of its kind in the world is to be built in Vienna next year.The 84-metre (276ft) HoHo project in the Seestadt Aspern area, one of Europe’s largest urban development sites, will house a hotel, apartments, restaurant, wellness centre and offices, and is expected to cost about €60m (£44m). Continue reading...

Protein-packed lunches to ease the recovery of lunchtime joggers

published about 7 hours ago
The best time to eat is straight after exercise, so make sure your post-run lunch includes plenty of healthy protein such as tofu and eggsThere exists a faction of workers known as “runners” who sacrifice most of their lunch break to a jog. You know the type: they slip away, then return a while later, looking suspiciously bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked for a Monday afternoon. They then proceed to tuck into something wholesome as we reflect on how we spent the ... more

Cédric Villani: ‘Mathematics is about progress and adventure and emotion’

published about 7 hours ago
Fields medal winner Cédric Villani is an impassioned advocate for mathematics, as Carole Cadwalladr discoversThe second time I meet Cédric Villani is when I bump into him in the Eurostar terminal in Paris. But then how could I miss him? There are crowds of milling businessmen and weekending couples but there, amid the Sunday-night chaos of the Gare du Nord, is a figure who looks like he’s somehow slipped the space-time continuum: Lord Byron on a mini break. Or Baudelaire ... more