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World Briefing: Senate Will Postpone Debate on Iran

published about 9 hours ago
Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, will postpone consideration of a bill giving Congress the authority to review any deal President Obama reaches with Iran on its nuclear program.

Iran Gains Influence in Iraq as Shiite Forces Fight ISIS

published about 9 hours ago
Iran’s powerful influence in Iraq has been on display as the fight against the Islamic State militants around Tikrit has unfolded, with strong support for Shiite leaders where they were once feared.

Palestinian Council Questions Security Arrangement With Israel

published about 11 hours ago
A leadership body called for curtailing the longstanding cooperation with Israel, but left final decisions to President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestine Liberation Organization’s executive committee.

ISIS Attacks Archaeological Site at Nimrud

published about 13 hours ago
ISIS Attacks Archaeological Site at Nimrud
The Iraqi site, one of the world’s most important archaeological operations, is a source of priceless antiquities from the Assyrian empire.

ISIS Is Skilled on Twitter, Using Thousands of Accounts, Study Says

published about 15 hours ago
While Twitter has suspended many users linked to the Islamic State, a study says at least 46,000 accounts publicize the group’s message of death.