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4 Dow Stocks Under Accumulation

published about 4 hours ago
4 Dow Stocks Under Accumulation
The choppy nature of the 1st quarter is not surprising after the action in 2013. The sharp declines in the Nasdaq 100 and biotechnology stocks have caused some technical damage that would normally take time to repair. The relative performance analysis of the SPDR Diamond Trust (DIA) suggests that it may be taking over market leadership. It has lagged for the past year as it is up just 13.8% versus a 21.1% gain in the Spyder Trust (SPY) and 26% ... more

The Wealthiest Are Getting Wealthier Three Times Faster Than Any Other Group

published about 7 hours ago
The denizens of Forbes' 400 Rich List and Billionaire's Row would have been ecstatic yesterday when French economist Thomas Piketty, much-heralded author of " Capital in the Twenty-First Century" made his debut at the Kennedy School of Government to a standing room crowd including Harvard faculty members and local investment managers, the entire affair  introduced with  splendid reverence by former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

Iran says plane at airport leased to Ghana after US-flagged plane sighting

published about 8 hours ago
Iran says that a plane which landed in Tehran airport flying the American flag was leased to Ghana's presidential office and carrying a business delegation from the West African nation. The New York Times reported on Thursday that a plane owned by the Bank of Utah was parked in Mehrabad Airport in Tehran on Tuesday. Its presence was noteworthy as the United States and Iran have been at loggerheads for decades and the Islamic Republic is subject to certain economic ... more

VW to keep adding Chinese capacity amid double-digit growth

published about 12 hours ago
VW to keep adding Chinese capacity amid double-digit growth
Volkswagen will keep adding capacity in China as the German group is counting on double-digit growth in the biggest auto market, helped by strong economic growth in interior regions. Europe's largest carmaker said in March 2013 it was planning to almost double production capacity in China to be able to make more than 4 million vehicles in its largest market by 2018. "We will further expand our capacities to be able to respond to the high market growth," Jochem Heizmann, ... more

Lenders Ease Mortgage Rules in Hunt for Business

published about 20 hours ago
Mortgage lenders are beginning to ease the restrictive lending standards enacted after the housing boom turned to bust, a sign of their rising confidence in the housing market.