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Artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes in study

A study finds certain sugar substitutes may impede the body's natural ability to process the real thing

Could Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Blood Sugar?

Could Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Blood Sugar?
If you’re one of the millions of Americans for whom diet sodas and artificially sweetened desserts play leading roles in the effort to shed pounds and ward off long-term diseases such as diabetes, new research might give you pause.

Urine test for HPV could replace Pap smears

published less than 1 hour ago
A study found routine urinalysis could be just as reliable at detecting risk factor for cervical cancer

Melissa Rivers to honor Joan Rivers on 'Fashion Police'

published less than 1 hour ago
Melissa Rivers to honor Joan Rivers on 'Fashion Police'
Annie MartinLOS ANGELES, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Joan Rivers will be honored with an all-day "Fashion Police" marathon and a special tribute from her co-hosts and daughter Melissa Rivers on Friday.

Enterovirus respiratory illness now in 12 states

published less than 1 hour ago
Health officials report that the uncommon respiratory illness has hit a record number children in the U.S.; still unclear how the outbreak began

NAMS issues first comprehensive recommendations on care of women at menopause and beyond

published about 17 hours ago
(The North American Menopause Society (NAMS)) The North American Menopause Society has published its key, evidence-based recommendations for the comprehensive care of midlife women -- ... more

Researchers examine role of hormone in response to ovarian cancer treatment

published about 17 hours ago
(Women & Infants Hospital) Researchers at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island recently published the results of an investigation into how we might better ... more

Moffitt researchers help lead efforts to find new genetic links to prostate cancer

published about 17 hours ago
(H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute) Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center, including Center Director Thomas A. Sellers, Ph.D., M.P.H., Jong Park, Ph.D. and ... more

Abnormal properties of cancer protein revealed in fly eyes

published about 17 hours ago
(Michigan State University) Mutations in the human retinoblastoma protein gene are a leading cause of eye cancer. Now, Michigan State University scientists have turned to ... more

Five genes to predict colorectal cancer relapses

published about 17 hours ago
(IDIBELL-Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute) Researchers at the Catalan Institute of Oncology-Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, led by David Garcia-Molleví have identified 5 genes differentially expressed in ... more
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Hysteropexy in the treatment of uterine prolapse stage 2 or higher: a multicenter randomized controlled non-inferiority trial comparing laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy with vaginal sacrospinous hysteropexy (LAVA-trial, study protocol)

published about 21 hours ago
Background: Pelvic organ prolapse is a common health problem: the lifetime risk of undergoing surgery for pelvic organ prolapse by the age of 85 years ... more

Development of the Community Midwifery Education initiative and its influence on women's health and empowerment in Afghanistan: a case study

published 2 days ago
Background: Political transition in Afghanistan enabled reconstruction of the destroyed health system. Maternal health was prioritised due to political will and historically high mortality. However, ... more

Rating general practitioner consultation performance in cancer care: does the specialty of assessors matter? A simulated patient study

published Fri, Sep 12 2014 19:00 GMT
Background: Patients treated for prostate cancer may present to general practitioners (GPs) for treatment follow up, but may be reticent to have their consultations recorded. ... more

Study protocol of EMPOWER Participatory Action Research (EMPOWER-PAR): a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of multifaceted chronic disease management strategies to improve diabetes and hypertension outcomes in primary care

published Fri, Sep 12 2014 19:00 GMT
Background: Chronic disease management presents enormous challenges to the primary care workforce because of the rising epidemic of cardiovascular risk factors. The chronic care model ... more

Factors affecting women's intention to use long acting and permanent contraceptive methods in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study

published Thu, Sep 11 2014 19:00 GMT
Background: The use of long acting and permanent contraceptive methods (LAPMs) has not kept step with that of short-acting methods such as oral pills and ... more