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Global Health: How Fighting in Pakistan Affects War Against Polio

published about 2 hours ago
While some Taliban factions have banned vaccinations since 2012, fleeing refugees often encounter vaccinators.

In Interviews, 3 Americans Held in North Korea Plead for U.S. Help

published about 3 hours ago
The three were interviewed by CNN and The Associated Press, and the choreography of the interviews suggested that North Korea wanted to use the prisoners as bargaining leverage.

China’s Factories Slowing, Surveys Show

published about 4 hours ago
At the same time, surveys of purchasing managers across Asia told a tale of fewer new orders and faltering exports, but with brighter spots like India and Taiwan.

Trade Duties Urged as New Deterrent Against Cybertheft

published about 4 hours ago
An Oregon-based solar company is proposing that punitive tariffs be imposed on Chinese manufacturers that have benefited from online espionage.

China Authorizes Local Governments to Issue Bonds

published about 7 hours ago
The lifting of a 20-year ban represents a fundamentally different approach to a chronic problem: how to finance projects like roads and bridges without unsustainable levels of debt.