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Boko Haram Is Suspected in Shootings at Mosques in Nigeria

published about 12 hours ago
Up to 150 people were gunned down in three locations, according to witnesses, in attacks by gunmen thought to be members of Boko Haram.

Open Source: Led by Pirates, Iceland Legalizes Blasphemy

published about 12 hours ago
Surging in the polls, Iceland’s Pirate Party scores its first legislative victory, the decriminalization of blasphemy.

Liberia Reports New Cases of Ebola

published about 13 hours ago
Three cases have emerged in the country since it was declared free of the virus on May 9, highlighting the continuing threat of viral outbreaks ... more

The Dominican Time Bomb

published about 15 hours ago
The Dominican Time Bomb
The Dominican Republic hasn’t yet acted on its plans to expel hundreds of thousands of people of Haitian descent. But the worst may be yet ... more

Germany, Again, Calls on U.S. to Answer Spying Accusations

published about 15 hours ago
The revelations come after previous WikiLeaks revelations suggesting extensive American spying on European allies.

BBC to Cut 1,000 Jobs as License Revenue Falls Short

published about 17 hours ago
The company said the cut was necessitated by a decline in the number of households owning televisions.

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