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New Ebola Case Is Discovered in Liberia

published less than 1 hour ago
The body of a teenager tested positive for the virus, ending Liberia’s Ebola-free status, said the deputy minister for health, and raising fresh concerns.

European Stocks Calmer on Decisive Day for Greece

published about 3 hours ago
Share prices in Europe were holding steady after a rebound in Asia, as the world watched to see if Athens would make a critical loan ... more

Iran’s Foreign Minister Rejoins Nuclear Talks

published about 4 hours ago
Mohammad Javad Zarif, its top negotiator, returned to the negotiations as the United States looked for signs that he had arrived with more flexible instructions.

E.U. to End Cellphone Roaming Charges in 2017

published about 5 hours ago
The new rules, which will apply to people who travel across the 28-member bloc, are accompanied by regulations on so-called net neutrality.

Op-Ed Contributor: A Close Encounter With Boko Haram

published about 5 hours ago
Op-Ed Contributor: A Close Encounter With Boko Haram
Villagers attribute magical powers to the Islamist rebels, but their bullets are all too real.

Indonesian Military Plane Crashes Into City, Killing at Least 5

published about 7 hours ago
Twelve air force personnel were aboard the C-130 transport when it crashed into Medan, a military spokesman said. He could not confirm any civilian casualties.

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