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Sweden Ends Submarine Search, Closing Book on Intrigue-Tinged Episode

published about 1 hour ago
A military team was called off after a weeklong hunt in the Stockholm archipelago for an enigmatic vessel that never materialized, the authorities said.

China Signs Agreement With 20 Other Nations to Establish International Development Bank

published about 1 hour ago
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank would offer financing for infrastructure projects in underdeveloped countries across the region.

Myanmar’s Opening Up Hasn’t Loosened Graft in Courts

published about 2 hours ago
The state of the legal system — with lawyers paying bribes to clerks and judges — leaves many pessimistic about the country’s vaunted reforms.

South Korea Delays Shift in Control of Military

published about 6 hours ago
The United States agreed to postpone the return of wartime control of the South Korean military to Seoul until the South’s forces were better prepared.

European Leaders Agree on Targets to Fight Climate Change

published about 7 hours ago
The main target that won approval was a pledge to slash emissions by at least 40 percent, compared with 1990 levels, by 2030.

Ebola Crosses New Border as Mali Confirms a Case

published about 7 hours ago
A toddler from next-door Guinea who lost a parent to the disease has tested positive.

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