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Toss up: Fans to rule on LeBron's chalk ritual

published about 1 hour ago
It is still a toss up as to whether LeBron James will bring his pregame chalk toss ritual back in Cleveland this season. NBA Player Rankings: 6

published about 2 hours ago NBA Player Rankings: 6 NBA Player Rankings: 7

published about 3 hours ago NBA Player Rankings: 7

Billionaire Allen donates $100M to fight Ebola

published about 5 hours ago
Billionaire Paul Allen, who owns the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers, has pledged to contribute at least $100 million to the fight against ... more

Magic's Oladipo to have facial fracture surgery

published about 6 hours ago
Magic guard Victor Oladipo will miss Orlando's season opener and is out indefinitely with his second injury this month. NBA Player Rankings: 10

published about 6 hours ago NBA Player Rankings: No. 10

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