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Watch: Watch Hillary Clinton Impersonate Vladimir Putin

published Wed, Jan 21 2015 16:26 GMT
In Canada today, Hillary Clinton performed an impromptu one-woman sketch mocking the Russian President.

Why Obama Can Claim Credit for Buckeyes' Championship

published Wed, Jan 21 2015 16:17 GMT
See how a football championship can unite politicians.

Watch: State Of The Union's Most Talked About Moments

published Wed, Jan 21 2015 14:28 GMT
All the highlights from President Obama's State of the Union address.

Watch: State Of The Union

published Wed, Jan 21 2015 14:27 GMT
In his State of the Union address, President Obama challenged Congress to do more for the poor and middle classes.

Women Republicans Need to Downplay Compromise, GOPers Say

published Wed, Jan 21 2015 14:22 GMT
Republican women candidates must fight the perception that they are more moderate than male primary opponents simply because they are female, group says.

Watch: Post-State of the Union Breakdown: The State of President Obama's Message

published Wed, Jan 21 2015 13:22 GMT
ABC News' political experts Rick Klein and Jeff Zeleny analyze the president's address and the Republican response.

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