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Clinton Tops O'Malley in Iowa Facebook Interactions

published Sun, Apr 19 2015 12:21 GMT
She seemingly won Iowa in at least one platform.

Gyrocopter Landing on Capitol Lawn Exposed 'Vulnerability'

published Sun, Apr 19 2015 12:10 GMT
Rep. Mike McCaul said authorities ready if aircraft came closer to Capitol.

Watch: Man's Obit Asks Voters to Steer Clear of Hillary Clinton

published Sun, Apr 19 2015 10:17 GMT
His family asked in obituary that people not vote for the Democratic frontrunner in the 2016 presidential election.

'This Week' Transcript: Sen. Claire McCaskill

published Sun, Apr 19 2015 08:52 GMT
Sen. Claire McCaskill is interviewed on "This week."

Man's Obituary: Don't Vote for Hillary Clinton

published Sun, Apr 19 2015 08:00 GMT
He may influence the presidential election from beyond the grave.

Watch: GOP Presidential Hopefuls Head to New Hampshire

published Sat, Apr 18 2015 13:46 GMT
ABC News' Gloria Riviera reports the latest on the Republican Leadership Summit and the afternoon's other top stories.

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