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The Note: The 2016 Money Race Heats Up

published Thu, Oct 01 2015 08:28 GMT
NOTABLES --HILLARY CLINTON AND BERNIE SANDERS ALMOST EVEN IN QUARTERLY FUNDRAISING: As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders inch closer in the polls, so it seems ... more

Clinton and Sanders Almost Even in Quarterly Fundraising

published Wed, Sep 30 2015 21:51 GMT
Clinton hopes to raise $100 million by the end of 2015.

Watch: Donald Trump Offers ABC News' Tom Llamas a 'Love Tap'

published Wed, Sep 30 2015 21:36 GMT
It happened shortly after the Republican presidential candidate held a town hall in New Hampshire.

Clinton's Private Email Account Attracted Speeding-Ticket Scam

published Wed, Sep 30 2015 20:18 GMT
Clinton received the same email about a traffic violation five times.

How 2016 Candidates Finesse the ???Drop Out??? Question

published Wed, Sep 30 2015 18:25 GMT
It's the query no candidate wants to answer, but there's no way to avoid it.

Hillary Clinton 'Fights' With White House Operator

published Wed, Sep 30 2015 17:45 GMT
A newly released email shows Clinton has a hard time getting through to the W.H.

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