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Senate Stuck in Spending Fight as Funding Deadline Looms

published Sat, Dec 13 2014 12:36 GMT
The Senate convened today for potentially 40 votes -- with a procedural vote scheduled for 1 a.m. on the $1.1T spending measure that was approved ... more

Rep. Joe Barton: College Football Playoff Will ???Fail Every Year???

published Fri, Dec 12 2014 16:52 GMT
You can???t squeeze all that sausage into the sack," the congressman said.

Spending Bill Sent To The Senate

published Fri, Dec 12 2014 08:09 GMT
By MICHAEL FALCONE (@michaelpfalcone) NOTABLES HOUSE APPROVES $1.1 TRILLION SPENDING BILL: Just hours before a midnight deadline approached, the House of Representatives voted to approve ... more

Watch: Black Staffers Walk Out on Congress to Protest Garner and Brown Grand Jury Decisions

published Thu, Dec 11 2014 16:11 GMT
Senate Chaplain Barry Black leads protestors in prayer on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

The Most Emotional Moments In Congress All Year

published Thu, Dec 11 2014 15:43 GMT
Members of the 113th Congress said goodbye to their jobs through speeches on the House and Senate floors. But some speeches were more emotional than ... more

Obama Backs DC Vote to Legalize Pot

published Thu, Dec 11 2014 14:35 GMT
President Obama supports DC voter-approved legalization of the recreational use of marijuana.

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