The True Story of Dallas Buyers Club

published Fri, Nov 08 2013 12:24 GMT
In Dallas Buyers Club, an emaciated Matthew McConaughey plays real-life AIDS victim, Ronald Woodruff. Woodruff, after he was diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-1980s, started a venture called the Dallas Buyers Club, which distributed AIDS treatments not yet approved by the FDA to those who couldn’t afford (or suffered ill effect from) the new AIDS drug at the time, AZT. (READ: Richard Corliss on Dallas Buyers Club) Little is known about Woodruff’s life. In 1992, a reporter for the Dallas Morning News named Bill Minutaglio read about buyers clubs for AIDS patients in other cities, and tracked down Woodruff to interview him for a feature about the Dallas Buyers Club. Later that year — a month before Woodruff died — screenwriter Craig Borten interviewed him at length, hoping to make a movie about his life. The AIDS drug kingpin was very candid, perhaps because he knew he had little time left ...

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